Which Mattress Bed Wedge works Best For Acid Reflux?

Which Mattress Bed Wedge works Best For Acid Reflux?

You are very convinced that you need a bed mattress wedge to ease the pain of your acid reflux. But you do not have any idea because this special kind of pillow has variants in the market. You are anxious to pick the wrong mattress bed wedge that will cost you some dimes hoping that it will help you with acid reflux but instead, there is no effect recognizable. Maybe worse, the wrong mattress wedge added pain to what you are experiencing.

We are very familiar of the mattress wedge and the under mattress bed wedge are the two pillows/bed accessories that dominate the market. This article will help you to choose the right wedge for acid reflux by comparing the two.
1. Mattress Bed Wedge:
Usually, bed wedges are pillows that you can place under your bedsheet or over the bed. It will somehow serve as a pillow when you place it over your mattress. When you look at it, you will be confident that this will provide elevation for your head. Elevation of the head is one of the two natural cures for acid reflux. But do not be persuaded right away. Pillow, bed wedges, and other bed additions do not stay in place while you are peacefully sleeping for the whole night. Even though you are telling yourself that you are a still sleeper, there is no assurance that these pillows will stay in place. Unless, you glue these soft cushions. What’s worse is if you’re a restless snorer. They will be displaced in just hours. What your conditions need is a support that will be sustained until you wake up in the morning.
Secondly, it is uncomfortable to rest on any position on these bed mattress wedges except on your back. There are only a few people who do not change position while they are sleeping. In addition, lying on your back aggravates the problem for some acid reflux patients.
2. Under mattress bed wedge:
An under mattress bed wedge is a full, mattress-width sized wedge that fits under the mattress. It is designed so that the elevation will not be displaced during your quiet sleep. Under mattress bed wedge addressed the first problem of a bed wedge discussed above. You do not need to worry because the elevation of the head will be maintained while you are sleeping no matter how restless and agitated you are while you are sleeping.
Secondly, in comparison to a bed wedge, a full, mattress-width sized wedge allows a sufferer of acid reflux to comfortably sleep in any position he or she wants. This will provide the patient basically the mental comfort from not having to think if you are sleeping in the right position or not. This is all because you are lying on a mattress—not a pillow wedge.

By this time, you should already know that the right bed mattress wedge to use for acid reflux is an under mattress bed wedge. Reflux Guard© offers a full, mattress-width sized wedge perfected to solve the issues of common mattress bed wedges. Perfected by experts and doctors, with the help of the suggestions and ideas from acid reflux sufferers, Reflux Guard© assures the comfort the no other brand of pillow wedges can offer. Plus, it will stay in place for years because Reflux Guard© offers a ten-year warranty if you purchase this wedge.
Be critical of every product out there in the market. Test and compare Reflux Guard© with other products out there to know the difference.

We hope the article which mattress bed wedge works best for acid reflux was helpful.



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