Under Mattress Wedge Compliance Study for Doctors

Currently, we are undertaking a compliance study of those buying Reflux Guards to understand the relationship between a doctors’ instructions and actions taken by patients.

Personally, I waited two years before using an under mattress bed wedge. The reason it took so long before using a mattress wedge was because 15 years ago mattress bed wedges weren’t available.

mattress wedge

A Woman comfortably is sleeping on a mattress, which is gently lifted by an adjustable under mattress bed wedge to a medically recommended angle.

We are doing this study because we have noticed patients wait needlessly and may not have been informed of how great lifting the head of the bed can be.

As of now the rate of compliance is statistically not significant, as we get more information we will update this page.

Currently, a couple of patients said they waited approximately two months.

One patient ordered one the day her doctor told her she needed to lift the head of the bed. She explained that her doctor told her that without raising the head of the bed she could have serious complications.

We are doing this survey to understand the relationship between instructions patients are given and their compliance.

To our doctors, if you are interested in receiving our brochures and Health Journals to provide to your patients, please contact me at tommy@refluxguard.com with your address and we will gladly send you a starters kit.




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