The Mechanics of Acid Reflux

“The 1 Main Thing You Need to Understand About The Mechanics of Acid Reflux”

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Getting straight to the point:
Acid Reflux is caused by acid and stomach content entering the esophagus, As soon as it touches the lining the damage begins and shortly thereafter the pain starts. Shortly the thereafter is referring to a healthy esophagus, for those already stricken the pain starts sooner.

How does the acid and stomach content enter the esophagus?

There is the sphincter valve that sits on top of the stomach right below the esophagus. The valve’s job is to make sure stomach content stays in the stomach but for a variety of reasons the valve gets overwhelmed and can’t hold the acid in.

Reasons why the valve can’t hold the stomach content in;

1. The valve is weakened. Such as from disease or age.
2. The valve is spread apart. Such as from overeating or a Hiatal Hernia.
3. The valve can be healthy but still doesn’t function properly because of overeating and gas builds up.

What can we do about it?

It is first important to understand the balance and the battle. Acid Reflux at night or Heartburn starts once acid passes the sphincter valve, which is the valve that is on top of the stomach. The valve’s job is to keep the stomach content from entering up into the esophagus, as well as allowing food and liquid to enter the stomach.

The Battle is drawn and the goal is to have the pressure in the stomach to be less than the valve can handle.

How is that done?

We need to understand the opposing forces. Some forces push upwards some downwards.

1. Pressures from the inside of the stomach;

  1. The amount of food
  2. Gas the food produces
  3. Picking up heavy weight
  4. Bending at the waist
  5. Being overweight

2. Strength of valve – how much pressure it could take and what effects its strength;

  1. A hiatus hernia
  2. Disease of the valve
  3. Age
  4. The amount of food could stretch the valve.
  5. Certain foods relax the valve, such as;
    • Caffeine
    • Fatty foods
    • Alcohol
    • Etc.

3. Gravity is a downward force;

  1. Sitting up adds gravity
  2. Lying down reduces gravity and the valve has to be stronger and not leak.
  3. A mattress wedge adds gravity (a downward force) and tilts the body in a comfortable position.

As you can see the root cause isn’t complicated, understanding the concept of the battle of the pressures something you need to know to make good healthy decisions. Keep in mind once the Acid leaves the stomach the pain and damage begins, even if you don’t feel it.

There are things you could do, like lose weight (easier said than done) or the quickest and simplest is consider controlling gravity when you sleep with a Reflux Guard. See How it works

How To Stop Acid Reflux At Night

In essence, Reflux Guard introduces gravity to your system while sleeping. When you lay down horizontally you need gravity to keep acid and stomach content in the stomach. In the event some should escape gravity can bring it back into the stomach.

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