The Journey to the Best Mattress Bed Wedge for Acid Reflux

The Journey to the Best Mattress Bed Wedge for Acid Reflux

My reinvention and the journey I started many years ago. I woke up on a Saturday morning in the ICU and just missed the grim reapers calling the night before.

In the rehabilitation process I was dealing with PTSD and anxiety. You’d think this event might happen again but in truth it’s highly unlikely and it gets blown out of proportion. My doctor even told me the likelihood of what you had gone through is less then winning the lottery. Then why didn’t I just win the lottery? In a way I did, you can see from the rest of my story.

I was talking to a friend who was doing his orthopedic surgery residency. He was worried about sticking himself with a needle when it dawned upon me why not protect healthcare workers from sticking themselves.

My first invention was a retractable syringe patent # 4,900,311. Eventually President Clinton signed a law requiring the use of such types of syringes.

Over the years I noticed I was always coming up with ideas. This stunned me because it was becoming natural. I started looking for a pattern (no not a patent) as why this was happening to someone like me who wasn’t creative. I figured this was a pattern of the universe and humanity. Whenever mankind had a challenge we found solutions, that is how civilization developed.

I always look for problems (no I’m not a troublemaker) and better ways of doing things because there is always an opportunity in challenges.

This leads me to the second half of my story. Many years ago I started waking up and coughing. One day I was in the hallway of the hospital and saw my doctor who told me it was post nasal drip. I said are you sure? He said when I looked in your mouth I saw it drip. As it turns out it must have been postnasal drip and Acid Reflux.

I went to my doctor who gave me a litany of things to do and told me to lift the head of the bed. I did many of the things including the hard one, losing weight. I still suffered but not as bad.

As time went on I was getting these severe nocturnal Acid Reflux episodes, waking up choking, coughing, and burning in my mouth, sinuses, lungs, and esophagus.

It was getting so bad I had to figure out how to lift the head of the bed. The doctor told me just put it on cinder blocks. I had a few problems with that;

1. It wasn’t easy to do.

2. There was no way I could do it without removing my night table and lamp.

3. If I did remove the night table I would likely be stubbing my toe on the cinder block all the time.

4. How was I going to move my bed when I needed to? It would mean disassembling and reassembling the bed each time. No thank you.

5. The lifting of the bed would change the angle of the foot of the bed. The legs would be weakened by the angle and would eventually collapse.

6. Many large beds have a leg in the middle to support the center, how am I going to get a cinder block there?

Ultimately I started thinking about lifting the mattress and only then did I come up with the idea for a Reflux Guard© for myself. Since it worked so well I decided to help others. If I found a simple solution, why must others suffer for years before figuring it out?

Part of my reinvention philosophy comes from understanding that challenges are solutions, it’s the way the world works, and this has become my passion.

My passion started with the retractable syringe, how I treat and look to help people, and now I’m focused on Reflux Guard©, which I believe is the best under the mattress bed wedge on the market. Each challenge a customer has brought up has made the product much better.

Why building and selling Reflux Guards© is the best job in the world:

I get calls and letters from people thanking me for giving them back their quality of life. One such letter is from Mrs. Goldberg. Another, is a patient whose discharge from the hospital was dependent on receiving our product.

Take a look at the end result, How my Under Mattress wedge works, why it is so amazing and how different & most effective it is than all other solutions out there.



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