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I love my reflux guard mattress – it puts my regular mattress in the right position and I can use all my regular sheets etc. in addition to my regular mattress warmer. So glad I found this.

Therese Tremmel

Product has helped my acid reflux – delivered when they said it would

Mary Lyon

We have nothing to say except great things about the Reflux Guard! When we put the guard under our mattress it seemed that the head of the bed would be way too slanted for us to sleep without sliding down. The first night we slept well and had no trouble staying in place. Since using the Reflux Guard my husband has had absolutely no/zero Reflux. It works! What a relief to both of us!

Susie Anderson

I could not be more pleased with this product. I am so pleased that the bed has the proper elevation at the head, sits well on my platform bed under the mattress. It is so much better than the lifts I was using before. The cover makes it easy to wash and maintain. Delivery was very fast and accommodating.

Stacey C.

Seems to have helped my night time reflux, along with Prevacid. A bit pricey, but WAY better than one of those steep pillows which are useless for a side sleeper. Good customer servic

Chris R

Good quality, got wedge in good time, well packed. Happy with product.

JL McCory

We got a reflux guard for our family member who had just received a lung transplant and needs to keep elevated to avoid reflux that could damage the new lungs. It has worked great! He says it’s very comfortable underneath the mattress, and you don’t slide down in bed. When it came it didn’t really stink like new memory foam can. It had some smell to it, but not nearly as much as other memory foam products I have tried. Overall he is very satisfied with the quality and efficacy of the product! Additionally the staff at reflux guard gives great service! I needed to get it as quickly as possible, and I contacted them over their website. Next business day I got a phone call first thing in the morning and he read through the various shipping options for me and let me choose the best one for my needs. I ended up overnighting it, which required him to go out and make a special stop to get it shipped out in time, and he did it happily. He was very pleasant to talk to and very compassionate and understanding. He gave very prompt and helpful service and overall I’m very satisfied with the service I received!

Garin Ballard

Wonderful experience with not only the product but also customer service! The quality of the foam is absolutely worth it and it’s very much helping me keep my acid reflux in check. I also definitely agree that if you move a lot while sleeping and like silky/slippery sheets, go with the 4” foam!

Logan S.

I have not had heartburn since using Reflux Guard. I have a king size sleep by number bed and I placed the twin size under my mattess on my side of bed. The bed is uneven but not enough to bother my husband. I highly recommend this product. It has saved me from taking any antacids, I can eat later in the evening when my husband comes home later, and I can eat chocolate again without heartburn. I love not waking up in the middle of the night due to acid reflux. I am a physical therapist and think the total incline of the body is better for the spine than just elevating the upper half. I highly recommend reflux guard.

Jennifer Sipula

We have been enjoying the wedge for our mattress, however I think the 6″ wedge is a little bit higher than I thought.

Patricia Young

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