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“I wouldn’t go anywhere without my REFLUX GUARD. Finally, I can get a whole night of sleep – thanks!!”

Jean Bruni
Oct 31, 2015

“A friend recommended I buy this for my husband! He says it was the best gift I ever got him.”

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Irene Jarnigan
Sep 14, 2015

My name is Elliot and I’ve been using REFLUX GUARD© for 6 months. As I was speaking to a friend, we realized we both suffer from acid regurgitation – that horrible feeling in the middle of the night that you are going to choke on your own bile.

Night after night, I woke with such horrible heartburn; I was desperate to find a solution. A friend had two REFLUX GUARDs©, lent me one and two weeks later, I offered to buy it from him. I was pretty sure my sudden relief came from REFLUX GUARD©, but I wasn’t 100% convinced until I went to a family wedding.

I decided for once to just enjoy. I ate everything that looked tempting, not thinking twice, about what would happen later than night. The next morning, after a good night’s sleep, I was a believer. REFLUX GUARD© works. It’s as simple as that. I don’t have to buy all those pills or other methods that just don’t work. Relief is as easy as one REFLUX GUARD©.

Feb 23, 2015

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scanned copy of R. Goldberg Mail testimonial
R. Goldberg

Hi, my name is Tommy Stern and I’m not only the CEO of Added Value Technologies, makers of REFLUX GUARD©, I’m also the product’s first user. For years, I suffered in silence not knowing what was happening to me. I went to doctors who gave me a list of medicines and ideas and nothing helped. One told me to take over-the-counter pills; another told me to use cinder blocks to raise the top of the bed. Night after night, I woke in choking agony with a hot, burning acid shooting into my mouth and throat.

I worked with some talented people to create REFLUX GUARD©, only later realizing that what was helping me could help so many others. First and foremost, all I wanted was relief for my pain and a good night’s sleep. Within days, I realized that the solution was as simple as using this product. A few years ago, I went to visit my brother, who lives abroad. Despite airlines restrictions that limit weight and size of baggage, one of the first things that I packed was REFLUX GUARD©.

I try to make sure I take it whenever I travel

Tommy Stern
CEO - Added Value Technologies -
a REFLUX GUARD user for 10 years.


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