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Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for our physical and mental health. However, did you know that the position you sleep in can have a significant impact on your health? It’s crucial to understand the pros and cons of different sleeping positions to make informed decisions about how to get the most out of your sleep. If you struggle with acid reflux and are looking for a simple, non-invasive sleeping solution, contact us today to learn how the Reflux Guard™ can help you.
Infographic about the Pros and Cons of Different Sleeping Positions

When it comes to non-invasive solutions to common sleep problems, some other products just don’t allow for optimal movement. Many of them lock you into one position, and for people who move in their sleep, this could be a problem. Another restriction that mainly pillow wedges pose is that they lock you to lie on your back.

So, if you are a side or stomach sleeper, you may find yourself getting uncomfortable with this option. This option also restricts you from sleeping on your left side, which studies have suggested being the most preferable method for people with acid reflux.

However, compared to other sleeping solutions, the Reflux Guard™ may be the solution you have been looking for. This wedge is specially designed to go right underneath your mattress to elevate you to a proper sleeping position to help keep acid down. This way, you are able to move as you please and don’t require straddling a pillow to keep you up.

Proper elevation

When it comes to inflatable, pillow wedges, and other acid reflux body pillows, their biggest drawback is that they only elevate your head which could cause serious neck pain. Additionally, only elevating your head is not completely solving the problem because the rest of your body is still relatively flat, which is counterintuitive. 

The Reflux Guard™, however, goes under your bed, not your head, so it elevates your entire body where it needs to be to reduce or eliminate symptoms. By allowing you to sleep in any position, you can lay on your left side or whatever feels the most comfortable for you.  

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Side and Stomach Sleepers
If you like to sleep on your side or stomach, unfortunately, other acid reflux sleep solutions usually restrict you to sleeping on your back. However, certain acid reflux body pillows allow you to sleep on your side, but this does not eliminate the effect it can have on your neck. Because only your head is being elevated, it puts unnecessary strain on your neck which causes even more problems. With the Reflux Guard™, you can sleep in any position you want without having to make sure you are properly situated on a specialty pillow. 

Many inflatable wedges claim to be convenient due to their ability to deflate and be folded. Be that as it may, when traveling, they are more susceptible to punctures and tears, which makes them less than ideal. However, although the Reflux Guard™ is large, it can still be rolled to make traveling much easier. Another major convenience is that with the Reflux Guard™, you can just set it and forget it, whereas, with other methods, you have to readjust and move them around to get proper elevation. 

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Transform your sleep
The pros and cons of different sleeping positions can have a significant impact on your sleep health. While each position has its advantages and disadvantages, it’s important to choose a position that aligns with your personal preferences and medical needs. At Reflux Guard™, we understand how acid reflux and chronic heartburn can affect your sleep quality. That’s why we offer a revolutionary under-mattress bed wedge that elevates the head of the bed to a medically recommended angle, allowing you to sleep comfortably and effectively manage your symptoms. With the Reflux Guard™, you can sleep soundly, knowing you are caring for your sleep health and overall well-being. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about how our product can transform your sleep experience.

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