Pillows & Short Wedges Do Not Work for Acid Reflux & GERD

Doctors have found that by gently elevating the upper body on a slight incline, we are able to utilize gravitational forces to keep acid and stomach contents where they belong – in the stomach. so we turn to all sorts of wedges that bring a whole new level of problems.
Inflatable Wedges
Reflux Guard ™ Under Mattress Wedge
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Pillow Wedges
A good nights sleep is important for our health. Therefore, we spend weeks searching for the right mattress. – After successfully identifying and getting use to the perfect mattress, – would you want to swap your mattress for an inexpensive, untested wedge to sleep on? Right! We didn’t think you would.

The makers of REFLUX GUARD™ understand because they have suffered this same condition.

How REFLUX GUARD Compares To Other Products?

Unlike the pillow wedges sold by competitors, REFLUX GUARD™ is a full, mattress-width sized wedge which fits under the mattress. We perfected REFLUX GUARD™ after trying several of these other products unsuccessfully.

Because of its small size, it is uncomfortable to sleep on a pillow wedge in any position except on your back. For most acid reflux sufferers, this is the most painful position and exacerbates the problem. If you can manage to sleep on your stomach, the wedge forces you to bend, which puts pressure on it. The REFLUX GUARD™ full mattress wedge allows you to sleep in any position because you are lying on your mattress – not a wedge.

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Because you actually lie right on a pillow wedge, the cover must be washed often and the wedge itself must be replaced often due to wear. REFLUX GUARD™ fits under the mattress. You can leave it in place for years. We know this from personal experience and therefore offer a TEN YEAR WARRANTY*. How long a warranty does any pillow wedge offer?
You could pay $79.99 to $199 for a pillow wedge which would last you about two years. That works out to $40-$100 a year for a semi-comfortable, semi-effective product. Or you could buy REFLUX GUARD™ with a TEN YEAR WARRANTY* for a completely comfortable, completely effective solution and pay under $18 a year or less than 5 cents a day!


With Reflux Guard Wedges You Can Adjust The Height

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under mattress bed wedge incline
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bed wedge strap
Storable and travel ready
REFLUX GUARD™ has a convenient retention strap (sold separately) for easy travel and storage. The retention strap comes in handy when transporting your wedge.
On the go?
Just roll up the wedge, attach the strap and you are ready for travel.
RefluxGuard Bed wedge Rolled up for travel with Set-of-Three Straps
Less maintenance = Avoids wear and tear = Long lasting
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A pillow wedge is placed in bed with you, so it must be washed often and replaced every year or two.
However, REFLUX GUARD™ fits under your mattress. You can put it in place and leave it there for years.
We know of original REFLUX GUARD's still in use after ten years.
We are so confident REFLUX GUARD™ will hold up, we offer a TEN-YEAR WARRANTY*. That's right, with our mattress bed wedge you can get a good night’s sleep for less than a nickel!
High Quality Covers!
Our fabric covers are made of a high-quality soft brushed polyester. They are easily washable, have heavy duty zippers, and are made to last for years.

Feature Comparison

Reflux Guard
Pillow wedge

10 Year Cost Comparison

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