Top Quality Mattress Bed Wedge For GERD Relief

Top Quality Mattress Bed Wedge For GERD Relief


The doctor just gave you the bad news you have Acid Reflux Disease, Barrett Esophagus, and/or G-d forbid Esophageal cancer. Now comes the talk, no not the birds and the bees, but what you need to do to avoid your pain and suffering as well as stopping the damage in its tracks.

The doctor is telling you:

  1. Stop smoking
  2. Lose weight
  3. Don’t eat 2 – 3 hours before laying down
  4. Eat smaller meals, make sure you don’t stuff yourself.
  5. Lift the head of your bed 6″ – 8″.
  6. Don’t eat certain foods:  (a) No chocolate,  (b) No liquor,  (c) Cut out soda, not even diet soda – only water.   (b) Stay away from fatty food, this list is very lengthy.

7. (Now the good news) In the mean time here is a prescription to help make you more comfortable, take these pills.

8. (For Barrett Esophagus) We will need to do an Endoscopy periodically (which he will tell you for your specific condition) to monitor that your cells aren’t changing and progressing to cancer.

Now your head is spinning you probably can’t remember any thing past “you have Acid Reflux”. The only part you might remember is to stop by the pharmacy for your medication. You start to remember and say to yourself what else does life have to offer, everything I live for is gone. No good tasting food, no smoking, no, no, no…

You start your diet and most people fail, you go to a family get together and eat one or two fatty foods, you go back to sleep and are awoken in misery. What now?

What I described happen to me. I suffered for a few years till I came up with the idea of Reflux Guard. No I didn’t have the name for the product, however by being in the upholstery business I had one made, it was a game changer. I didn’t wake up in misery my quality of life changed for the better.

The beauty of a mattress wedge is you are sleeping on your own mattress in any position. There are bed wedges, which are wedges that go on top of the bed. The downsides of these bed wedges are;

1. They provide a small sleeping surface with no room to move around.

2. They limit sleeping position, like not being able to sleep on your stomach.

3. They need to be replaced more.

4. They need to be laundered more often.

5. They are not as effective as a mattress wedge because when the user bends at the stomach it adds pressure that vitiates some of the wedge’s effect.

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Mattress Bed Wedges For Heartburn Home Treatment:

SizeWidthRegular PriceLimited Time Offer Savings
TWIN38in$299$169Order Now »$130.00
DOUBLE54in$419$179Order Now »$240.00
QUEEN60in$469$199Order Now »$270.00
KING76in$598$249Order Now »$349.00

Dimensions For The Reflux Guard Bed Wedges:

Single: 38″ Wide; 6″ high, 60″ Long*

Double: 54″ Wide; 6″ high, 60″ Long*

Queen: 60″ Wide; 6″ high, 60″ Long*

King: 76″ Wide (in 2 pieces 38″ wide each); 6″ high, 60″ Long*

*NOTE: The 60″ length provides additional stability to help the mattress from sliding off.

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