Is Reflux Guard a Net or Really Just a Guard?

Reflux Guard© has proven itself to be very effective for helping those who suffer from Acid Reflux and sinus issues, just see what Mrs. Goldberg has said.

Reflux Guard© is not just a Guard but recently we realized it’s a safety net. It’s important to understand why, but first you need to understand The Mechanic of Acid Reflux.

Under mattress wedge is a safety net for Acid Reflux

One miss-step and the pain can be excruciating.

Now you’re back and understand the various ways acid and stomach content can sneak into your esophagus.

What exactly is a Reflux Guard©? It’s a well thought out under mattress wedge that goes on top of the boxspring or platform. Once it’s installed on the platform you put the mattress on the wedge. Reflux Guard© is adjustable to a higher than the 6″ for those who need it.

Almost most doctor patient GERD interaction has to do with lifting the head of the bed. While there are many options the one that works the best, in our option, is he ones people use, simple to implement, and practical.

Why do we believe Reflux Guard© works the best? Look at all the options as well as the pros and cons.

First we know Reflux Guard© is a guard as per Mrs. Goldberg, myself, and many other happy customers.

We also know because as you have read in The Mechanics of Acid Reflux there are so many ways to slip up. If you are overweight, forgot your medication, or simply went out of control and over did it. Bottom line; we all slip up, fall, and pay the price. But why?

What happens to a high wire artist if he falls? He wants to get caught in a safety net. What happens to a window washer? He wears harnesses to catch him. What happens to someone who suffers from GERD that just overate at his daughter’s wedding? He pays the price or has a Reflux Guard©, actually both, pays for the wedding and with an unhappy painful esophagus.

Using pillows to add gravity doesn’t work for many who are overweight. The force of bending at the waist adds additional upward force vitiating the effect of gravity.

Using wedge pillows does lift the head and torso only. People tend to push the wedges and pillows off their beds, wake up with a painful bout of Acid Reflux, and finding their pillows or wedge on the floor – it might help if you fall off the bed but not for your acid reflux.

So as you can see since adding gravity, the medical science, and tests behind it prove Reflux Guard© is a great Guard. Since you install it only once and don’t need to remind yourself to take another precaution it becomes a passive safety net, always there to catch you. In fact, it will be there and you may not even realize how helpful it has been.

My personal experience, as the inventor, was that since I didn’t suffer every night I wasn’t sure it worked till after a few nights. I said I think this works but wasn’t sure till weeks went by and hadn’t had any Acid Reflux attacks.

Now why do we believe Reflux Guard© is the best under mattress safety guard, net, or should we say both? We say both because we have thought our design through and through. Our bed wedge is the only under mattress wedge for acid reflux designed to adjust, if more of an angle is needed.

I come from a family who has been in the interior decorating and upholstery field going back more then 60 years. We are so confident our product will last that we give a 10 year warranty.

What do you have to lose? I’ll tell you, many good nights of sleep and a higher quality of life.

Imagine waking up refreshed to meet the challenges of a glorious day!



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