Reflux Guard Home Remedy For Reflux Heartburn Sleeping

Reflux Guard Home Remedy For Reflux Heartburn Sleeping


REFLUX GUARD© Mattress Wedge Is A Revolutionary, Non-Invasive Solution For Repeated Heartburn While Sleeping:

With Reflux Guard© you can sleep in any position you find most comfortable.

Unlike sleeping on a normal pillow wedge, if you want to sleep on your side, you can.

You can even sleep on your stomach if you wanted to. With the traditional pillow wedge this isn’t possible, because of the awkward position it bends your body.

Also with a traditional pillow wedge, if you tend to move around a lot in your sleep, you will tend to move off the wedge, making it ineffective as the night goes on. With the Reflux wedge, since it is under the mattress itself, you are much less likely to move down the mattress and it keeps the integrity of the wedge and keeps it working at its maximum effectiveness.

Reflux Guard© comes in four different sizes, Twin, Double, Queen, and King. See below for the different sizes and prices.

Size Width Regular Price Limited Time Offer Savings
TWIN 38in $299 $169 Order Now » $130.00
DOUBLE 54in $419 $179 Order Now » $240.00
QUEEN 60in $469 $199 Order Now » $270.00
KING 76in $598 $249 Order Now » $349.00

Dimensions For The Reflux Guard Bed Wedges:

Single: 38″ Wide; 6″ high, 60″ Long*

Double: 54″ Wide; 6″ high, 60″ Long*

Queen: 60″ Wide; 6″ high, 60″ Long*

King: 76″ Wide (in 2 pieces 38″ wide each); 6″ high, 60″ Long*

*NOTE: The 60″ length provides additional stability to help the mattress from sliding off.