Use Reflux Guard For At Home Remedies To Treat Heartburn While Sleeping


Why would you use a Reflux Guard© to prevent heartburn while sleeping?

Short answer, it could be a game changer!

Millions of people go to sleep each night, unfortunately many are suddenly awoken with severe Acid Reflux pain. When you sleep flat and have pressure in the stomach you lose one component by lying down on a flat bed. The component you lose is gravity.

The lack of gravity allows for Acid to Reflux to sit in the esophagus to cause pain, damage, and when severe enough to wake you and keep you up. The next morning you are tired, it becomes difficult to function, and the day turns to misery. The next night you are afraid to lie down. Does this or part of this sound like you?

Why do I say this is could be the game changer you need? I suffered for many years, developed Reflux Guard for myself, educated myself, and now work hard to get the word out about Reflux Guard© in order to change lives.

Don’t believe it could save lives? A couple, who are good friends, where I pray, the wife has Esophageal Cancer. I saw him this morning and asked how his wife is feeling on her 6st and last week of Chemotherapy? His reply was it is hard on her, and the doctor just informed her she needs 6 more month. They are heartbroken and trying to get a second opinion at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

I even put a brochure on the bulletin board. Usually postings are taken down after a few month. Once I explained, with the support of a doctor of how serious this could get they agreed to leave it up. Unfortunately my friends wife wasn’t aware.

Get to your doctor, educate yourself, and try a Reflux Guard, which can be a game changer.

Use Reflux Guard To Remedy Heartburn At Home While Sleeping At Night:

With Reflux Guard© you can sleep in any position you find most comfortable.

Unlike sleeping on a normal pillow wedge, if you want to sleep on your side, you can.

You can even sleep on your stomach if you wanted to. With the traditional pillow wedge this isn’t possible, because of the awkward position it bends your body.

Also with a traditional pillow wedge, if you tend to move around a lot in your sleep, you will tend to move off the wedge, making it ineffective as the night goes on. With the Reflux wedge, since it is under the mattress itself, you are much less likely to move down the mattress and it keeps the integrity of the wedge and keeps it working at its maximum effectiveness.




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