How do Bed Wedges Help with Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a common sleeping disorder that is basically a blockage of the throat during sleep. This already sounds bad, which it is since the ones who suffer from it stop breathing for a while until the body starts sending signals to the brain due to the lack of oxygen. Besides snoring and gasping for air which are the most familiar signs of sleep apnea, the people who suffer from it experience headache and dry mouth, daytime tiredness, reduced cognitive abilities, and anxiety and depression due to the lack of sleep.


Depending on its type and severity, the doctor will recommend proper therapy alongside lifestyle and weight changes, but there is a unique solution that will work for everyone with sleep apnea – bed wedges. Thanks to the given incline which ensures an elevated position of the upper part of the body, the patient can breathe easier and rarely experiences any blockages while breathing. A single adequate accessory can make a huge difference and improve your sleeping environment instantly. 

In the following text, we will explain in detail how the bed wedges work and help with sleep apnea, so if you are interested to learn more, we suggest you stay with us. Needless to say, the wedges can also help eliminate acid reflux, snoring, hiatal hernia, and multiple breathing problems which make them one of the most effective tools for fighting multiple bothersome conditions. 


They Make Gravity Work in Your Favor

The bed wedges for sleep apnea have a distinctive design and incline which keeps the head and torso in an elevated position. This is how the lungs and nasal passages remain unblocked without the possibility to collapse, while the sinus and nasal fluids stay in the given areas without pooling. All this ensures you a comfortable and calm night which you desperately need if having sleep apnea. 


It Gives That Extra Support Each Night

Bed wedges are medically graded triangular-shaped under-bed mattresses made with high-quality memory foam which stays firm for many years. The given incline will remain at the same height just as the first day you bought the mattress which enhances and prolongs its comfortability and functionality. 

If you are looking for a long-lasting and comfortable 60-inch size bed wedge that you can store and carry around wherever you go, our Reflux Guard bed wedges for sleep apnea surely match the description. Our product comes with rapid delivery, 10 years warranty, and a flat shipping cost, but most importantly, we offer a solution to a persistent problem that will improve your quality of life and make you feel at your best – always. 


Bed Wedges Ensure Undisrupted Sleep

Obstructive sleep apnea often causes sleep disruption and constant decreases in oxygen saturation during sleep. It gets difficult to stay asleep for more than a few hours which then makes us feel tired, unable to focus, and in severe cases, development of mental disorders. 

For example, some who suffer from severe sleep apnea could experience over 500 arousals during a single night, while mild sufferers count around 15 arousals for each hour. These statistics prove that for people with sleep apnea an undisrupted course of 8 hours of sleep is quite impossible. With bed wedges and their given incline, you can breathe with less obstruction and therefore, ensure yourself a good night’s sleep. 


You Can Still Sleep in Any Position on a Bed Wedge for Sleep Apnea

If you found a sleeping position that feels good and mitigates the sleep apnea symptoms, then you surely want to stick to it for the rest of your life. With bed wedges that incline the entire body surface gradually, you can sleep in any position you like without back or neck pain that could occur with wedge pillows. 

Keep in mind that a supine or back sleeping position is not recommended for people with sleep apnea as it causes the soft tissue in the upper airway to create resistance and block breathing. However, if it works for you, bed wedges will easily support your habit!


Adjustable Bed Incline for Sleep Apnea 

The most recommended incline which reduces or eliminates the sleep apnea symptoms is from six to nine inches or 30 to 45 degrees. This ensures that the airway remains unobstructed at all times making breathing much easier. 

Our Reflux Guard under mattress bed wedges come with an adjustable incline where you can try out a few different options and see which one suits you well. The head of the mattress is six inches, yet it can be lifted for an inch or two by sliding the mattress down to the foot end of the bed. We also offer lower incline mattresses that just like those with higher incline come in all sizes, from twin/single to king beds (California king is 72” wide). All mattresses are 60 inches long and ready to use as soon as they decompress which is usually done in a few hours. 

They also come with a washable high-quality cover that has a heavy-duty zipper and is made to last for many years to come. 


What To Look for When Buying a Bed Wedge?

There are certain parameters that can help you select the most adequate bed wedge which can be difficult in the overflown market. 

Make sure to choose the under mattress bed wedge which comes with the adjustable incline so that you can try out a few different options and go for the one that suits you the best. Make sure that the mattress is made with high-quality memory foam which promises durability and comfortability. And finally, select the one that is storable and travel-friendly so you can enjoy its benefits even when out of town and on a holiday. 

Even though sleep apnea is certainly a bothersome condition that can affect your day-to-day life immensely, an under mattress bed wedge is a cost-effective solution that in most cases ensures an improvement. Our original Reflux Guard bed wedges for sleep apnea could help you improve both physical and mental health which can significantly increase your quality of life. After all, the founder who stands behind our product suffered from acid reflux for 30 years, so who will know how to help you if not a person who already walked in your shoes? 


Important note:

This information is provided for informational purposes only. For diagnosis and treatment of your specific condition always consult your doctor. Read the full disclaimer here.



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