Stomach Acid Reflux Home and Nighttime Remedies

Stomach Acid Reflux Home and Nighttime Remedies


Dealing with Nighttime Acid Reflux after it happens is the worst way to respond to an attack. The best time is before and the earlier the better.

The best home remedies for stomach acid are;

1. Losing weight if overweight.
2. Eating properly
a. Eat smaller meals.
b. Stop drinking sweet drinks, especially carbonated drinks, which has empty calories.
c. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water.
d. Eat low calorie foods.

3. Lifting the head of the bed 6″ – 8″. Studies show doing this reduces the incident of nighttime Acid Reflux attacks and when and if it happens it clears faster.

4. See a doctor to evaluate the extent of damage being done during a nighttime Acid Reflux attack.

5.Don’t lie down for 3 hours after eating.

We at Reflux Guard highly recommend lifting the head of your bed as your first line of defense, with your doctor’s approval.

Why do we recommend and sell Reflux Guard? We found doctors will tell you to lift the head of the bed and most people ignore that recommendation until they are at their wits end. Finally they try it, and for many it becomes a game changer; they sleep better and their lives change for the better.

It turns out most people want to eat properly and lose weight but just can’t, especially if they don’t sleep well. Studies show that not sleeping enough promotes weight gain, therefore you could see how a Reflux Guard can become a game changer.

It turns out the reason Reflux Guard was born was because this was my personal story.

One of the things that I figured out to do for myself, after many very painful nighttime acid reflux attacks, was to immediately sit up, take two Gaviscon (I have been told Gaviscon sets up a barrier between the stomach and esophagus), sip cold water (which sooth the esophagus) and spit out anything that gets coughed up. The rational to spit everything that is coughed up in a cup is that there are tiny amounts of acid in the spit, by swallowing it it gets a second and third chance to burn the esophagus. I also believe it reduces the volume in the stomach, therefore increasing pressure taking longer for the attack to subside.



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