Learn How To Treat Indigestion At Home

Learn How To Treat Indigestion At Home


We will be discussing home remedies and treatment for indigestion and acid reflux.

Indigestion is described as a mild discomfort in the belly area. Acid Reflux is described where the pressure from the stomach forces acid and stomach content past the sphincter, which sits between the top of the stomach and bottom of the esophagus. When Acid refluxes past the sphincter it tends to damage everything outside the stomach.

A great way of treating indigestion at home is by getting to the root of the problem, in many cases it comes from certain foods. Sometimes you could easily figure it out other times it takes some investigating.

How do I figure out the source?
Try to remember what you recently ate that might be the cause of reflux or any other discomfort. Did you just overeat? Example, let’s say you just had a 2 slices of pizza and a soda and an hour later you start to feel lousy. If you do that again a few days later and have the same result that is evidence of cause and effect.

What can you do?
Stop eating pizza and soda all together or start with just removing a slice or have the 2 slices of pizza with water and note the results. It is also important to remember that each person responds differently.

What do I do if this doesn’t work?
There are times indigestion and Acid Reflux comes for more complicated problems which requires the expertise of a doctor and/or a nutritionist. A great way of getting to the bottom of the problem is a Health Journal write down everything you eat and drink as we as how you felt with timelines. Bring this to your healthcare provider and they hopefully will have enough information to guide you.

What other solutions for indigestion and heartburn are available?
There are many over the counter medications that claim to help the problem, and in my own personal experience some work better then others. It is important to understand, if you are not sure what the problem is and it is chronic you should be working with a doctor.

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