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Heartburn Treatment and Home Relief

Heartburn Treatment and Home Relief


3 Steps That Can Eliminate Acid Reflux

Dr. Hyman explains the 3 steps to eliminate acid reflux in the video below.

This short video describes the possible underlying reasons why someone might have Acid Reflux, and if not addressed properly can open someone up to all kinds of complications with its associated impacts.

Dr. Hyman asks the following questions;

1. Do we make too much Acid?
2. Do we need medication?

Did you know Acid Reflux medication is the 3rd most used medication?

Did you know that Acid Reflux medications are recommended not to be used for more than 2 weeks? Just read any one of their labels.

Did you know that you need Acid to digest your foods?

Do you know what happens when medications reduce Acid? The short answer is you have less acid, which leads to foods not being properly digested, therefore, your body doesn’t get the proper nutrients, which can lead to lowered calcium and other serious complications.

Dr. Hyman’s focus is getting to the cause, and dealing with Acid Reflux or GERD naturally, such as lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle changes cover the gamut of things from correct sleeping positions to eating the right foods.

Eating properly means knowing which foods, how much, what to drink, when, and even how to chew.

Sleeping includes include the foods you eat before bed time, how long to wait before laying down and going to sleep, and even which side to sleep on – yes it can make a difference. Hint: Don’t sleep on your right side when first going to sleep. Right: your left side.

There are other issues that can cause Acid Reflux, such as snoring and sleep apnea. According to Dr. Steven Park, and now many other doctors, understand that sleep apnea and snoring can cause the esophagus to act as a straw and suck the harsh stomach content out of a healthy stomach.

While Dr. Hyman doesn’t address everything he gives you food for thought. Oh by the way, food for thought doesn’t cause Acid Reflux, unless it stresses you, and the doctor explains that was well.

As you can see and will see on the video Acid Reflux has many possible causes or combination of causes. One final thing you could think about, what can you do to give yourself a safety net when sleeping? This is where a Reflux Guard© comes into play.

Our under mattress wedge can reduce incidences of Acid Reflux when sleeping. In the event Acid reflux breaches through all your other efforts a Reflux Guard© could act as a safety net, by using gravity that can assist in moving content back into the stomach, minimizing the damage caused in the esophagus.

Please feel free to look around our site for other valuable information and resources on Acid Reflux symptoms and treatments.



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