Head Of Bed Elevation For Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Head Of Bed Elevation For Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Why Raising the Head of the Bed is Important When Suffering from Acid Reflux at Night

This video has practical information about GERD, and how elevating your bed head can prevent heartburn while you sleep.


This video explains the protective measures of lifting the head of the bed, as well as the dangers of not doing so. You will understand that the stomach has a thick lining in order to protect itself, while the esophagus is prone to being damaged by acid and stomach content.

It will also be explained that upward pressures from too much food, being overweight, a damaged valve, or relaxed valve will allow these harmful contents to cause damage. Yes damage, to the point of getting cancer.

It’s important to note while there are many options, the best choice is the one that will work for you. The choice you will do night after night. The choice that you find most comfortable.

Many people say I will lift the head of the bed and it never gets done. Besides even after taking months to do it, what do you do when something rolls under the bed? Were the legs at the foot of the bed designed to handle the extra weight when you sit on the corner to tie your shoes?

Others use pillows that are counterproductive because they cause you to bend at the waist, which adds upward pressure. Will pillows stay put all night long? I think not.

Other questions to ask. What is a good nights sleep worth? What are the costs of not sleeping well? Like being sluggish all day, not being focused and unable to get things done, and actually putting your life in danger by falling asleep at the wheel of your car.

Studies shows not getting enough sleep causes weight gain that increases the incidence of Acid reflux starting a serious downward cycle.

So what are your choices? Something that is easy to get, easy to install, easy to maintain, and practical.


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