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Our top priority is that every customer should be satisfied with their experience, purchase, and best results. To that extent, we will gladly guide you through the unique benefits of our product.

The Frequently Asked Questions below will address most topics of interest and inform you to choose the right product/height that best fits your needs, for a restful sleep.

We understand that sometimes additional discussion is required. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us Here with any questions.

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Questions about the product

Why is REFLUX GUARD better than a pillow wedge?

The following provides four important reasons why a Reflux Guard is a better option.  Once you’ve had a chance to review you’ll understand why Reflux Guard is the clear choice, as Reflux Guard is:

  1. A Product that Covers the Full width of the Mattress – Reflux Guard provides sleeping surface for the full width of the selected mattress size.  Most pillow wedges do NOT cover the full width of the mattress. REFLUX GUARD is placed under your current mattress. This means you can enjoy the entire top surface of your bed without any loss of comfort or space.
  2. Width: Stable, offers prevention –  REFLUX GUARD is stable and doesn’t shift as you sleep. With a pillow wedge, which is not the full size of a mattress width, thus not as stable.  
  3. Length: Incline that offers comfort and effectiveness
    • Pillow wedges elevates your head, or bend the abdominal only. Because of its small size, it is uncomfortable to sleep on a pillow wedge in any position except on your back. For most acid reflux sufferers, this is the most painful position and exacerbates the problem. Since there is the possibility that as you sleep you are bending by the abdominal area which could potentially result in increased upward pressure thus it may actually bring about heartburn and acid reflux issues rather than prevent them. Studies have shown that sleeping on your left side is preferable.
    • Reflux Guard is close to the full length of a mattress: elevating the entire body (head-of-bed) for effectiveness.
    • Reflux Guard full mattress wedge allows you to sleep in any position because you are lying on your mattress – not a wedge.
  4. Long Lasting – REFLUX GUARD fits under your mattress. You can put it in place and leave it there for years. A pillow wedge is in bed with you, which means it must be washed often, Wear and Tear and requires maintenance. Therefore, it has to be replaced every year or two. We know of original REFLUX GUARDs still in use after 15-years. We are so confident REFLUX GUARD will hold up, we offer a TEN-YEAR WARRANTY*.
  5. Cost efficient – Lastly, we understand the upfront financial commitment required for a REFLUX GUARD may be initially discouraging.  However, if we break it down nightly, we believe that with REFLUX GUARD, you get a good night’s sleep for pennies.  In the long term the REFLUX GUARD is a much more efficient long-term investment.

Please review our comparison page for additional details.

Will the REFLUX GUARD support a heavy mattress or person?
Yes, Reflux Guard could easily handle the weight of the heaviest mattress and it can handle the weight of a heavy person because the weight gets distributed/diffused. In most cases, it translates to less than 1/10 of a pound per square inch. If the head sags more than 1″, the product is eligible for replacement. This is our 10-year guarantee on the height.

As a general rule, the higher the incline, the more effective it is.

For Acid Reflux and Sleep Apnea, medical professionals recommend a higher incline. The higher incline adds more gravity offering greater relief. Based on this, the 6” is a more effective option for Acid Reflux, Sleep Apnea, and Inclined-bed-therapy in general.

However, everyone has different needs. Therefore, please consider the following.

see next FAQ…….

Which wedge height is best for me?

That depends on your needs, your sleep pattern, and other issues.

More specifically:

  1. With no other medical issues and gentle sleep (no tossing and turning), the 6” can offer a very effective solution for acid reflux and sleep apnea, due to the higher incline and added gravity.

However, a higher incline allows for a greater chance to slide down a bit for each toss and turn during sleep.  Therefore, if you toss and turn a lot during sleep, the 4-inch wedge may be a better option for you. 

  1. For someone with a history of back issues, the 4” could be a gentler option
  2. Lastly, some other considerations are, ‘the height of your current mattress’ vs ‘Your Height’, and ‘Your Accessibility’.
    If getting in and out of bed is easy for you and adding extra inches to the height would be ok, then either the 6” or the 4” works.

If your mattress height is already at your preferred height, the 4” wedge may be a better option for getting in and out of bed. 

How much is the head of the bed actually raised when the wedge is in place?

Reflux Guard is a true incline measurement: The Reflux Guard Wedge comes in 4” and 6″ Height (from 0.001″). Thus, it raises your Mattress 4” or 6″ respectfully.

If you need to raise it higher the Reflux Guard is adjustable and can be slipped down.

Adjustable? How do I adjust the height to attain a higher incline?

Since Reflux Guard is 60 inches long, (which is a little less than mattress length) it can slide down to the foot end of the bed, thereby increasing the incline.  The incline height can be adjusted for your specific need.  The incline height/adjustment is contingent on how much you slide down the Reflux Guard towards the foot of the bed.  Once you slide the Reflux Guard down, the incline can be adjusted from 6” up to 8”.


The same scenario would work with the 4″ wedge.  The 4” can be increased up to 6” using the above described adjustment by sliding the Reflux Guard down towards the foot of the bed. Please know that as you make these incline adjustments, you may require a filler at the top of the bed.  We can build a custom filler for your needs.  Please call us for pricing.



What is the Reflux Guard made of?

Wedge: under the CertiPUR-US program, The Reflux Guard wedges are made with Polyurethane Foam.

Cover: Fabric used for the covers is a soft brushed polyester. It is a High Quality, easily washable – with heavy-duty zippers – made to last for years. 


Tip: The cover helps protect the REFLUX GUARD while extending its life span.

Can I travel with my REFLUX GUARD?

Yes, absolutely. The convenient REFLUX GUARD retention strap (sold separately) allows you to roll up your REFLUX GUARD and throw it into a vehicle or storage.

Questions relating to usage

How soon after unpacking my Reflux Guard can it be installed under the Mattress?

We recommend waiting 24-48 hours. This varies based on how recently the foam was packed and what temperature variations it was shipped through.  The wait time is for the decompression cycle to be completed and fully expanded. The quickest it will decompress fully is within an hour of unboxing. 


Tip: Some customers have reported that they saw it decompressing even after placing it under the mattress.

What position is best to sleep in for me?

Everyone has a preferred position. REFLUX GUARD was designed for people to sleep in any position no matter how you sleep.  Also, keep in mind that side sleeping helps with certain issues, as listed below:


For Acid Reflux issues – If you have acid reflux, studies have suggested that sleeping with your left side down, reduces episodes of acid reflux, as it reduces exposure to stomach acid.


For Bile Reflux issues – Though uncommon, some individuals do report that left-side sleeping does not relieve their heartburn and can, in fact, make it worse. While the cause is unclear, it could be that anatomical differences, particularly with the gallbladder, can make left-side sleeping less ideal for certain individuals. In addition, sufferers of bile reflux (not to be confused with acid reflux) may have less success with left-side sleeping, adding credence to the idea that the gallbladder contributes to the success of left-side sleeping.


If you try sleeping on your left side and you discover worsening symptoms, you should consider discussing other possible conditions with your doctor, like bile reflux.


For Sleep Apnea issues –  Side sleeping is preferred.  More specifically, sleeping on your side – either right or left side.

How long does it take before I can expect to feel results?

REFLUX GUARD is easy to use and most users report feeling better within a few days.

Does sleeping on the Reflux Guard equipped bed a substitute for medical guidance?

No. While your doctor has or will tell you lifting the head of your bed will likely result in relief, there could be other conflicting medical problems that need to be addressed. We recommend anyone using the REFLUX GUARD be under the continued care of a physician.

Shipping, Return Policy and Warranty

How soon can I expect my order?

Orders are shipped within 0-3 business days (usually 12-48 hours when in inventory). Items are shipped from New York via FedEx Ground. Estimate Transit Time is 1-6 business days.

If there’s a delay due to a foam shortage, or experiencing high order volume, we will send you a notification.

Tip: We ship on a first come first served basis. If there’s a medical necessity, where a doctor requires an incline surface before releasing a patient from a hospital or treatment facility, please let us know.

Does REFLUX GUARD ship to foreign countries?

Yes, absolutely. No matter where you live, we believe REFLUX GUARD can help you, so we can ship the product anywhere. Please be aware that there may be some local customs charges, taxes or other fees that may apply depending on your country. These fees and international shipping charges are not included in our regular shipping cost. Our Default shipping fee listed is for the 48 Contiguous States only. (more details at checkout)

What is your return policy?

Our top priority is that every customer should be satisfied with their purchase for best results. We encourage you to read through the Frequently Asked Questions listed in this page, where we address most topics to help you choose the right product/height that best fits your needs.


All sales are final. We do not accept returns or exchanges on sales as the Reflux Wedge is a Personal Health Care Product.  Every product shipped is brand new and designed for a healthy outcome.  

Is Warranty included?

10-Year Warranty: We know of original REFLUX GUARDs still in use after 15-years. We are so confident it will hold up, we offer a TEN-YEAR WARRANTY. 


RefluxGuard mattress wedge is prorated; if the head sags more than 1″, the wedge is eligible for replacement.


Who is Covered: This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is valid if used properly. Proper use is defined as using the wedge under a mattress. This includes keeping the mattress properly protected and free of moisture. Warranty does not apply to foam alone (without cover). If you purchase the cover within 4 weeks of receiving the foam, the warranty applies.

The Reflux Guard Story

tommy stern reflux guard
Tommy Stern Inventor.
Reflux Guard changed his life!

REFLUX GUARD was developed by its first two users – two men who have personally suffered through years of heartburn, acid reflux, lost sleep and waking to an agonizing, burning sensation in the back of their throats. They tried medicines, not eating close to bedtime, and more. 

The development process involved collaboration, medical consultations and the involvement of design and engineering specialists.  (See History)

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