Effectiveness clinically proven 

High Quality, Easily washable

Sleep in any position on your own mattress 

Washable cover w/ large zipper included

Unlike pillow wedges, no rolling off your bed! 

Long lasting – 10-year warranty 


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Only Refluxguard gives you an adjustable 6+ inch wedge, made in the USA, with a ten year warranty**

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Twin / Single: 38″ Wide; | 6″ (or 4″) high; | 60″ Long
Full / Double: 54″ Wide; | 6″ (or 4″) high; | 60″ Long
48 Inch: 48″ Wide; | 6″ (or 4″) high; | 60″ Long
Queen: 60″ Wide; | 6″ (or 4″) high; | 60″ Long
King: 76″ Wide (shipped in 2 pieces 38″ wide each); | 6″ (or 4″) high; | 60″ Long
California King: 72″ Wide (shipped in 2 pieces 36″ wide each); | 6″ (or 4″) high; | 60″ Long. 

How it Works

The makers of REFLUX GUARD© created something that may solve your problem NOW, without medication, without dieting, without giving up the foods you love. 


Ten Year Warranty: Full Coverage of Parts and Labor

RefluxGuard© mattress wedge is prorated; if the head sags more than 1″, the product is eligible for replacement.

If you purchase the cover within 2 weeks of purchasing the wedge, the warranty applies.

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If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, Reflux Guard is the perfect solution for you.

  • Acid Reflux  
  • Heartburn  
  • Gastroesophogeal Reflux Disease (GERD)  
  • Acid Indigestion  
  • Barrett’s Esophagus  
  • Hiatal Hernia  
  • Post Nasal Drip  
  • Sinus Congestion  
  • Snoring  
  • Sleep Apnea  
  • Reflux in pregnant women, infants, and kids

Customers Love Reflux Guard

“My name is Seth Harris. I live in Chagrin Falls, Ohio and I am 74 yrs old. I have suffered from chronic acid indigestion, reflux, and gas for over 15 yrs. and have taken Prilosec and Zantac, on and off for years. A friend told me to raise the head of my bed. I found Reflux Guard online and ordered the “wedge”.The first night with it was a miracle- a full nights sleep and NO acid reflux. I stopped taking Prilosec after three days and it has been seven months and all my symptoms have disappeared. Thank you so much for your wonderful invention! .


Hi, I’m Tommy Stern. I suffered with acid reflux for 30 years. I took all the medications. I did my best to lose weight and skip acidic foods. But I could never be perfect!

Even after doing everything I could manage,I still woke up choking on acid 3 nights a week.

My doctor told me to lift the head of my bed. But I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

Finally, my wheels started turning and I created the under-mattress wedge that would become Reflux Guard.

It saved my sleep and gave me back my life. Then I realized I had to help others.

I took my simple little wedge and I turned into a medical-grade tool to help others overcome acid reflux at night.

Now men and women of all ages call me to share the dramatic results they feel after JUST ONE NIGHT with reflux guard under their mattress.

Pregnant women, GERD-sufferers, grandparents, even young children.

If acid reflux is a problem in your home, don’t wait! Get GRAVITY on your side and take back your sleep the first night you use it!

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What Can Reflux Guard™ Do For You?

Do you or someone you know suffer from heartburn or stomach acid reflux? Do you struggle to get a good night’s sleep without waking to sudden, agonizing pain, and a horrible taste in your throat? REFLUX GUARD© was developed and tested for over a decade by a team of medical and engineering experts led by Tommy Stern.

Why Do You Need Reflux Guard™?

Frequent episodes of heartburn at night can be painful and ruin your sleep. When you lie down, corrosive bile and acid from the stomach flow easily up into the esophagus. The symptoms can last for years, especially if you lie down soon after eating. This acid in the esophagus can cause serious, life-threatening damage .

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Reflux Guard helps to prevent:

  • The burning acid feeling in your throat.
  • The burning sensation in your chest.
  • Suffering from heartburn long after you have gone to bed.
  • Choking on stomach acid while sleeping

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