Can Sleeping Wedges Help with Snoring?

Even though snoring is a common issue that affects millions of people around the U.S, it is not considered normal, and it is often a sign of a more serious condition. The reasons for snoring could vary from allergies, weight gain, smoking, and alcohol intake, but it could be something as simple as inadequate sleeping position or incline.


Whichever the root cause is, the annoying sound is a result of the inability of the air to run smoothly through the nose and throat while we sleep. As it bumps into the surrounding tissues or tongue, the vibration which is produced on the way is the annoying snoring sound that causes so many problems for you and your partner. 

Besides changing your lifestyle and getting rid of nasty habits like smoking or excessive alcohol intake, and of course, checking if there is an underlying medical illness like sleep apnea, you can try a simple solution that works for thousands of people – sleeping wedge for snoring. 

By providing a well-determined incline and support to the head and torso, you are potentially unblocking the airways and making the breathing process easier and undisturbed. Therefore, no vibrations, no sound. In the following text, we will tell you all you need to know about the sleeping wedges and hopefully help you decide whether this is an accessory that could work for you.


Sleeping Position Plays a Huge Role for Those Who Snore

If you are sleeping on your back, there is a higher chance of the tongue and muscles in the back of the throat collapsing and causing snoring. Gravity is not doing you a favor here, but this doesn’t mean that you need to change your sleeping position, which can be quite difficult for most. 

Instead, you can try a sleeping wedge for snoring which will elevate your head and shoulders and minimize the possibility of the tongue and the surrounding tissue blocking the airways. This is the optimal sleeping position where your neck and shoulders are left unstrained, and your nasal cavity or sinuses are clear of liquids in case you are having allergies. 

Thanks to the comfortability and stability of the sleeping wedge under-bed mattress, you can sleep on it in any position you like. It is sixty inches long, it comes in 4”, 6” or we can make it a custom height which can do the work and keep your throat muscles relaxed and unblocked while you sleep. Our original Reflux Guard under mattress sleeping wedges offers continuous support for your back and head since it comes with a 10-years warranty. Contact us now for more information or place an order now and have your medically graded bed wedge for snoring delivered to your address. We ship within 2 working days. 


The Elevation Fixes the Postural Issues

One of the most common causes of snoring is the obstruction of the nasal airways. This is where typically the sleeper will switch to mouth breathing which causes snoring thanks to the increased vibrations around the tissues. 

Bed wedges have the specified incline which will keep the upper body part elevated and therefore reduce the pressure around the sinuses. Once the pressure is minimized, the muscles can relax and increase the airflow. 


Disrupted Sleep Affects Our Lives Much More Than We Think

Even though the speed of life increased significantly in the last few decades, we still need at least 6 hours of good sleep to remain productive and focused during the day. If you snore regularly, you probably wake up multiple times at night without even realizing which means you are a light-sleeper who constantly feels tired, nervous, and unable to focus properly. 

Sleeping wedges for snoring can help you get through the night without gasping for air and waking up thanks to their unique design and incline. By simply keeping the passageways through the nose, sinuses, and throat unclogged, you can breathe freely and get the rest you desperately need. 


Sleeping Wedges Are Great for Those Who Snore Because Of Allergies

Allergies became prevalent in the last decade, and the life of those who suffer from them are affected on multiple levels. Besides feeling miserable during the daytime with our constantly stuffy or runny noses, the nights can be even worse since the same symptoms prevent us from breathing normally. 

Since the under-bed mattress sleeping wedge for snoring is placed under the mattress and far away from the sleeper, the likelihood of being irritated by the given textile is greatly reduced as opposed to a pillow wedge you sleep directly on – way more comfortable because you are sleeping on your own chosen mattress. This is how you can be sure of comfort and that the newly introduced material will now trigger your immune system to produce histamines which then cause inflammation and excessive mucus. 

Our Reflux Guard under-bad mattresses are made of specifically chosen polyurethane foam which promises durability, while the wedge covers are made of high-quality soft-touch polyester. The cover is easy to wash and we use a heavy-duty zipper, and the mattresses themselves don’t require much maintenance. As soon as you unpack it and leave it to decompress, you can place it under the bed and leave it till you decide to wash the covers. 


Sleeping Wedge for Snoring is Storable and Portable

If you travel frequently or are preparing for a long family vacation, you surely don’t want to disturb everyone with the loud snoring noises. Instead, you can simply take your sleeping wedge wherever you go, and ensure everyone, besides yourself, a good night’s sleep. Our under-bad mattresses can be purchased with the retention straps, so you can roll up the wedge, secure them with the strap and you are ready to go. 

Hopefully, we’ve managed to clarify how the given sleeping wedges can help you if you are a snorer, so if you are ready to make your partner falls in love with you again and improve the quality of your sleep once and for all, try out this affordable yet highly effective bed accessory and see for yourself why so many people have already given it a chance. 

Important note:

This information is provided for informational purposes only. For diagnosis and treatment of your specific condition always consult your doctor. Read the full disclaimer here.



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