Are You on The Painful Acid Reflux Medication Bandwagon?

Have you been on the medication bandwagon to treat your Acid Reflux symptoms? Did you know Acid Reflux medication isn’t supposed to be long term solution? Have you witnessed time and time again that any medication you have tried has not completely ridded you of the problem? Perhaps you’ve realized that a pill cannot fully eradicate the unpleasant symptoms you experience in one full swoop.

Vicious Cycle of Acid Reflux Pain

Is that You Trying to Get Away from Acid Reflux Pain?

If this speaks to you, then maybe you are on the prowl for a deeper, more effective and more holistic way of treating your symptoms related to Acid Reflux. Wouldn’t it be great if we can solve a problem like this by simply medicating ourselves? Well, often times this is not the case.

Treating Acid Reflux takes more of a day to day treatment regimen. Now, don’t get overwhelmed. Many people may jump to questions of “I don’t have time “ – “Is it expensive?” – “Is it complicated?” “Am I smart enough?”

A daily regimen can be quite simple. All it takes is a few small changes just to start. Eventually these changes begin to snowball and VOILA! Suddenly you witness yourself having created an entire overhaul in your lifestyle that doesn’t just treat the symptoms of Acid Reflux but many other surprising positive changes for your overall well being.

Again, you can start off small and gradually increase those changes, as you feel more and more comfortable.

Trying to Sleep with Acid Reflux or GERD:

If you haven’t already, please check out the recent article on The Vicious Cycle of Sleep Deprivation. Sleep deprivation begins a vicious cycle. Firstly, our bodies cannot function at their maximum level without adequate sleep. This includes organ function or even basic mental processing. Common sense right?

Even worse, sleep deprivation causes poor eating choices (which eventually transform into everyday habits) and thus exacerbate the painful symptoms related to Acid Reflux later on when it is time to sleep. Read more about that here:

So how does one acquire better sleep each and every night? One all natural way is by using the Acid Reflux Guard. The Guard, a well thought out under mattress bed wedge, allows one to position their bodies in a way that lessen painful Acid Reflux symptoms at night, allowing you a full night’s rest.


When you sleep well, your physical and mental states can function at optimum level. According to some recent research, poor sleep causes decreases one’s ability to make smart decisions. This includes what food to eat and how often we eat.

You can read more about what foods you should avoid vs. which foods to consume more of here.

However, without proper sleep, even knowing this information cannot help. Remember, research has shown that poor sleep causes us to make bad food choices and it also causes us to eat more frequently.

Logically speaking then, a more holistic daily routine begins with a good night’s rest. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the changes you can make, at least begin with this simple change. Try the Acid Reflux Guard and watch how making some other changes in your daily life can prove to be easier.

Bringing our bodies back into balance is something we must work through one day at a time. If you’re ready to get off the Acid Reflux medication regimen and want to treat your mind and body in a natural way, that’s great! Why? Because the positive benefits you will gain will help you along in the long run. The benefits are sure to even extend beyond treating heartburn. In short, this is not just a temporary or artificial fix!
And remember, don’t be so hard on yourself – let us catch you.
If you are curious to learn more about treating your Acid Reflux in a more holistic way, please feel free to look around our site for other great pieces information. At the same time, if you are suffering severely from heartburn, and your doctor told you to lift the head of the bed you might want to learn more about our safety net for acid reflux; as opposed to other options that may drop the ball.



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