8 Ways to Manage Back Pain at Home

Studies show that back pain, usually in the lower back, is affecting more than 80 percent of Americans. At some point in your life, you may have experienced back pain as well, and then you know how painful it can get, and sometimes the unpleasant feeling can be present for quite some time. But 80% of all complaints will subside within a few days or weeks. Yet, If your pain lasts longer than a couple of months, however, you should seek medical attention and make sure that everything is ok.


 The good news is that there are things you can do to lessen the effects of this common ailment at home. Today we will share 8 ways to manage back pain at home, and most importantly each of these steps is super easy to follow.


So, if you are experiencing any discomfort in your back while you are reading this, this text is just what you need. Read it carefully, make some notes, and start easing your pain today!


Stay Active 


We believe that the first thing you would like to do when you are in pain is just lie down and don’t move. Many even believe that this is the right way to go, but that is not true. Even if you are experiencing any unpleasantness in your back the key is to stay active, but of course, you should also limit your movement, and avoid any activity that caused the pain in the first place. Keep moving as much as possible so your spine stays healthy and doesn’t become stiff or immobile.


Staying active is important for healing. Protect your back by maintaining a regular exercise program, but avoid putting too much strain on your back. Avoid lifting heavy things, but don’t be afraid of moving.


Don’t Forget to Strech 


Stretching is one of those easy things you can do at any time, and you will instantly feel better. If you sit a lot during the day, for work or school, don’t forget to stand up a few times, and treat your body to a good old stretch. Your body will be thankful and you will feel great.


Stretching your back muscles frequently can even help reduce the risk of injury and keep them healthy as you age. Even if you are just lounging on the sofa, it’s easy to get in a position that strains your back muscles. Take a few minutes to stretch out your back so that you don’t wake up with a sore lower back the next day.


Manage Your Weight 


Eating healthy and managing our weight is good for our overall health, but it can also affect our back pain. An unhealthy, overweight body can compress your spine and increases inflammation while inhibiting movement. This can make your back problems worse. One way to manage your weight and your back pain is by eating right.


So, make sure to talk to specialists, create a diet that will fit you impeccably, and try to stick up to it. It will help a lot, and you will without any doubt feel better as you establish good eating habits.


Sleep on an Inclined Bed 


You may already hear that using a sleeping wedge can help you with your back problems. The best choice is Reflux Guard under mattress bed wedge, which, because of its position, will allow you to sleep in great comfort. These sleeping wedges will provide the natural incline for your entire body, and you will be able to sleep in any position that works best for you.


If you need a pillow that you can put between your legs during the night, we advise going for a triangle wedge pillow, which for this purpose, can be very helpful. But, bear in mind you will overall benefit much more from under mattress bed wedge, than from a triangle wedge pillow, which can help you elevate only your head, which may cause even more back and shoulders pain.


Don’t Let Your Muscles Get Cold 


Engage your body whenever you can, and keep your muscles warm as much as possible. As the day goes on, we tend to hold less and less of those good positions of our bodies, which can lead to soreness and stiffness. That is why, it is crucial to keep muscles pliant, and that is how you can avoid further pain or injury due to tightening muscles.


Alter Your Life Style 


In order to reduce pain and eventually live without it, it is imperative to alter the way we live and avoid bad habits at all costs. Many of them, including smoking, can worsen your back pain, so if you want to avoid that, and we are sure that you do, you need to quit smoking immediately. Surely, it is not an easy thing to do, but with goodwill, you can do anything. Smoking is bad for your bones, it also affects your circulation system, and all of that can lead to even more issues.


Think About Your Posture 


How many times have you heard people telling to you to sit nicely? Well, probably a lot, but this indeed is one of the gold pieces of advice that can help manage your back pain. A good posture will ease the pressure on your lower back, which is a critical point for many people.


Always try to keep your spine in alignment, and avoid slouching your shoulders or your chin forward. This is very easy to do, and it can be extremely beneficial.


Cold and Hot 


In order to ease their pain, many people use ice or heat, depending on what works best for them. This is a super easy home remedy that anyone can try. Experiment with both ice and heat, and see what will make you feel better.


But, If your back is bothered by swelling or inflammation, ice will help reduce swelling and pain. If you’re trying to relax stiff or tight muscles, a heating pad may be what you need.


So, here they are, 8 pro tips on how to manage your back pain. Many of them have helped so many people, so why not check them out for yourself? Start improving the quality of your life today, and relieve the bothering pain that may have for a while.


Important note:


This information is provided for informational purposes only. For diagnosis and treatment of your specific condition, always consult your doctor. Read the full disclaimer here.



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