5 Benefits of Bed Wedges

One of the most important things for our both physical and mental health is to have a good night’s sleep. We spend our days running around, working, and dealing with a lot of things, so when we finally have time to lay down, relax, and get well-deserved rest, we have to make the most out of those hours.


And bed wedges for sleeping can for sure help us do that, especially if we are trying to fight acid reflux, GERD, sleep apnea, and even snoring. No one likes waking up several times during the night due to some of these health issues. So, that is where an under mattress bed wedge steps into the scene, ready to provide you with a night full of steady dreams.

In case you are considering getting bed wedges for yourself or your loved ones, we will tell you the top 5 benefits of this product.


1. Say Goodbye to Snoring 

Snoring is one of the most common problems that many people of all ages can experience while sleeping. It can be a big issue not only for you but for your better half as well. But, providing quality sleep for both parties is very easy, all you need to do is to get yourself bed wedges that suit you the best. When we sleep horizontally, our airways can be disturbed, which can interrupt our sleeping. Thanks to wedges, especially under mattress ones, your body will get into a new and better position, which can prevent snoring.


2. Solve The Problems That Acid Reflux Causes

If you are suffering from acid reflux, you know how difficult it can be to fall asleep. But, even if you manage to do that, there is still a big possibility you will end up waking several times during the night, which will make you feel extra tired for the day that is coming. Luckily, there is an easy fix for this, and it is called a bed wedge. It works in a very simple way, but it does wonders. Reflux Guard offers quality under mattress bed wedges that can bring you instant relief. This product will ensure that your acid will remain in your stomach, and you will be able to sleep peacefully for the entire night.


3. Bed Wedges are Multipurpose

As we have already mentioned, the bed wedge can help you solve different health conditions. This product is a true game-changer when it comes to snoring and acid reflux, but that is not all. In case you are having problems with Barrett’s Esophagus, Hiatal Hernia, post-nasal drip, or maybe sinus congestion, make sure to give bed wedges a go. Because when you don’t sleep, not only do you get tired, you can experience some more serious side effects, such as depression, fatigue, weight loss, high blood pressure, etc. Surely, you want to prevent that and live healthily. With this revolutionary product, you will have quality, and more importantly, you will get up feeling energized and completely relaxed, ready to conquer the new day.


4. Product for People of All Ages 

No matter how young or old you are, you can take advantage of the under mattress bed wedges, and enjoy their benefits. Among others, they are ideal for pregnant women in need of a calm night without experiencing any symptoms of acid reflux. Besides that, they are completely safe for kids as well. Because the bed wedges are placed under the mattress, it is not possible to have any allergic reaction, which is always a huge plus. So, rest assured that there is no chance of having any side effects. 

If you are worried that all bed wedges are the same, and that you won’t be able to find the one that will fit you like a glove, fear no more. With Reflux Guard by your side, you can order just what you need. In only a few clicks, you can select the bed size and height, and choose whether you would like to include a cover or not, making sure that the bed wedge will be a perfect match to your mattress. You will be able to sleep in any position fully relaxed, knowing that a clinically proven under mattress bed wedge has got your back.


 5. Bed Wedges Require Minimal Maintenance

Because bed wedges are very lightweight, you can take them with you even when you are traveling, and not break your sleeping habits. A great night means a great day, so don’t give up one even when you are not at home. This one-of-a-kind bed accessory of a particular shape with one side thin and the other thick is a true lifesaver no matter where you are. Also, one of the best things about Reflux Guard under mattress bed wedges is that they require minimal maintenance. So, once you place it under your mattress it can stay there for years. Unlike pillow wedges that have to be washed and changed regularly, with this type of wedge, you don’t have to worry about that. Just positioned it properly, and indulge in nights with quality sleep.

Not only that, bed wedges for sleeping are good for your health, they can improve your comfort level as well, and we are sure that we all want that. Whether we are just lying around reading or watching TV, we want to feel as cozy as possible. And what better way to do that than by using under mattress bed wedges?

In case you are, just like we are, amazed by all the mentioned benefits, make sure to visit our website and get yourself a top-quality Reflux Guard, and get it delivered to your doorstep. Yet, keep in mind that consulting the doctor and getting the right treatment is always recommended, and we highly encourage you to do that. 

If you have any additional questions, or you need help with selecting the best wedge, feel free to contact us, because we are looking forward to helping you move toward sleeping without interruptions. It is our goal to help you improve the quality of your life, and we have done that to so many of our satisfied clients that praise our designs all the time. So, become one of them, and experience a new way of dreaming.

Important note:

This information is provided for informational purposes only. For diagnosis and treatment of your specific condition always consult your doctor. Read the full disclaimer here.



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