The Most Important Information You Need Before Purchasing an Under Mattress Wedge for Acid Reflux

Battling Acid Reflux? Consider Raising the Head of Your Bed.
The simplest way is to use an under-bed wedge.

If you suffer from frequent acid reflux, you’ve likely tried many remedies to find relief from that burning chest pain and sour taste in your mouth. One relatively simple solution doctors often recommend is raising the head of your bed by several inches. But how high should you raise it – 4 inches or 6 inches? Let’s look at the potential pros and cons of each height.

4" or 6" mattress wedge

Pros of Raising Head of Bed 4 Inches:

  • Gravity Assists Esophagus – Elevating the torso and head by just 4 inches can use gravity to help keep stomach acid from refluxing up into the esophagus when lying flat.
  • May Be More Comfortable – A 4 inch elevation is relatively modest, so many find it doesn’t dramatically impact sleep quality or comfort level like a steeper angle might.
  • Less Sliding Down bed – Some find raising the bed too high makes them feel like they are sliding towards the foot of the bed. A 4 inch rise may minimize this sliding sensation.
  • Each toss and turn can cause a micro slide.

Cons of Raising Head of Bed Only 4 Inches:

  • Less Effective for Severe Cases – For those with more severe, refractory acid reflux, a modest 4 inch rise may not provide enough elevation to significantly impact symptoms.
  • Less Gravity Assist Than 6 Inches – While gravity still helps at 4 inches, a steeper 6 inch incline utilizes gravitational forces even better to keep acid down.

Pros of Raising Head of Bed 6 Inches:

  • Greater Symptom Relief Potential – Multiple studies show elevating the head of the bed by at least 6 inches is one of the most effective positions for minimizing acid reflux symptoms at night.
  • Maximum Gravity Assist – The steeper the incline, the more gravity can assist in preventing reflux up into the esophagus. 6 inches leverages this force better than just 4 inches.

Cons of Raising Head of Bed 6 Inches:

  • May Impact Sleep Quality – While some have no issues, others report difficulty falling and/or staying asleep at such a steep incline.
  • Potential for Sliding Down Bed – A 6″ elevation is more likely to cause a sliding sensation towards the foot of the bed for some people.
  • Less Comfortable for Some – The steeper angle created by a 6″ rise may simply feel too awkward or uncomfortable for some compared to only raising it 4 inches.
  • We’ve found those with back issues could exacerbate it. Therefore for someone with a history of back issues, the 4” could be a gentler.

The ideal angle for alleviating your specific acid reflux symptoms likely depends on the severity and your personal preferences around sleep quality, comfort, and medical condition. Many doctors recommend trying 6 inches first for maximum efficacy but scaling back to 4 inches if you find the steep incline too disruptive to sleep.



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